British Retail Consortium: Fashion Sales Boosted By Weather

Fashion sales did better in March than expected, as retail sector shows resilience

Easter falls slightly later this year than it usually does. This meant that many expected the retail sector to suffer as a consequence. However, figures just announced by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and KPMG suggest that the sector actually performed much better than expected in March. There was a decline in retail sales, but this decline was much softer than what was expected. Today, the Shopper Discounts and Rewards blog looks at more on this subject.

The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at London Fashion Week

The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at London Fashion Week

good weather boosts fashion sales

It’s thought that one of the key influential factors in this was the weather. The mild weather in March encouraged many people to shop for spring and summer wardrobes. It is these fashion buys that drove retail performance most strongly. Items such as women’s ballet pumps and summer dresses did particularly well. It was lucky, then, that the good weather coincided with the launch of many new seasonal ranges in shops!

Helen Dickinson, Director General of the British Retail Consortium, said:

“Retailers have worked hard to create popular new collections, and have been rewarded with strong demand for women’s clothing and footwear in particular. This improves on the slow start to the season last year when shoppers were more reluctant to spruce up their wardrobes.”

late bank holiday put people off DIY in March

There were some sectors of retail that actually performed lower than hoped. For example, an area that is normally expected to do very well in March is that of household and furniture – but this is usually because of the Easter bank holiday weekend. The bank holiday weekend did not fall in March this year, which is why household, furniture and DIY items showed a slightly weaker performance in March than expected. But perhaps it will pick up in April! Webloyalty recently revealed our Easter plans:

07-04-2014 what we plan to do this Easter from Webloyalty research - Katie and the Kids

What will you be spending on over the Easter bank holiday weekend? Are you planning on some DIY, or looking to buy some new summery clothes? Shopper Discounts and Rewards wishes you a Happy Easter!

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The Five Best Films for Kids this Easter

best kids films for the long Easter weekend | Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Easter Sunday is on the 20th of April this year, and with the long weekend, parents are starting to think about how they want to spend their time. When you need a little space to tend to the garden, or prepare a Sunday lunch, you may want to pop your children in front of a film. On the quiet bank holidays you might even look forward to a trip to the cinema!

five films to watch at the cinema over Easter

Time Out has created a list of cinema films for families to enjoy this Easter.

  • Rio 2 “A wise-cracking animated character is put in mild peril and learns a few life lessons along the way” ~ Timeout
  • Noah “a stunning ark with more decks than a Mediterranean cruise liner, and the drama veers off the Genesis account to tell a human story”
  • Divergent “Love, identity and the spirit of independence make heady teen themes”
  • Khumba “Set in the South African Karoo, a young zebra must go on a mission to discover why he’s only got half his stripes”
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 “When Peter Parker takes on a mysterious and powerful company, a whole lotta supervillainry heads his way”

Easter films for kids - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

five films to catch at home this Easter

Having a look through the recommended childrens’ films on Netflix has given us some ideas for the Easter break:

  • Tangled
  • Toy Story 3
  • Up
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
  • The Princess And The Frog

What are you planning for the Easter weekend? Comment below on the Shopper Discounts and Rewards blog!

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The Best April Fools Jokes from Retailers today

Which Retailers Fooled You Today?

Shopper Discounts and Rewards brings you April Fools!

The UK national newspapers got in on the fun of pulling the nation’s leg by publishing some phony stories this morning. And many retailers got a piece of the action too! Here are some of our favourite April Fool’s pranks by retailers.

a bling-bling bathtub

Better Bathrooms claimed that they were rolling out a limited edition crystal bath made from more than 67,000 1-carat diamonds this morning. Priced at £382m, a phony spokesperson was quoted saying:

“It’s the ultimate bath which oozes Hollywood glamour. The great thing about this irreplaceable item is that no one else will have one.”

Better Bathrooms Diamond Ice Bath - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

world’s biggest (and most inefficient) tablet

Ocado boasted that the sLablet has a whopping one hour of battery life, and only needs to be charged for 19 hours, and is just 20cm deep! This big fat tablet also has a great camera:

“The next generation 12 MP HD camera features image stabilisation so muscle spasms induced by holding the sLablet don’t ruin users’ selfies” “We saw a 42″ gap in the tablet market”

Ocado wasn’t the only one to play around with a tablet joke – Tesco announced the Cudl “tablet for two”, a play on it’s home brand tablet the Hudl.

Tesco announces the Cudl as April Fools 2014 Prank - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

toast worth toasting to

Have you ever dropped a piece of toast? And do you find that it always lands butter-side-down? To mark 1st April Sainsbury unveiled an ingenious solution to this common woe of mankind – “butter-side-up-bread”!

We’re sure consumers are waiting with baited breath for this product to hit the shelves!

What have been your favourite April Fool’s gags? And, more importantly, which were you taken in by? Comment on the Shopper Discounts and Rewards blog below :)

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What is your favourite Disney film? The sale

Mammoth Disney film sale at

2-for-1 on DVDs, Blue Ray & 3D Disney DVDs - Shopper Discounts and is holding a massive sale for their Disney films from now until 20th April. To celebrate this massive sale, we want to know what your favourite Disney film is!

Favourite Disney films - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Shopper Discounts & Rewards

On top of this whopping 2-for-1 discount, members of Shopper Discounts and Rewards can get 10% cashback when shopping at two for one on Disney films - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

British Home Stores Joins the Food Fight | Which is the biggest online brand?

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The Boden Sale: up to 40% off everything ends Sunday

Shopper Discounts & Rewards: Boden holds a sale this weekend, up to 40% off

Boden holds a sale in March - Shopper Discounts and RewardsIf you’re looking for a nice way to spend away the weekend, then look no further! Clothing retailer Boden is holding a flash sale on their website, which ends midnight on Sunday. You can buy all sorts of clothing items, including some really good children’s wear as well as office outfits and evening wear. Boden is a little more expensive than some other clothing retailers, so it’s well worth getting involved when they hold a sale like this!

don’t forget to check out their clearance…

Up to 70 per cent off at the Boden clearance sale online - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

The Boden site also has a 70% off clearance part of their website, where you can get Boden wrap jersey top in sale - Shopper Discounts and Rewardssome great buys! These items are going out of stock fast, but if you get there quick enough you can find all sorts of accessories for less than half price, as well as clothing items like this wrap jersey top (pictured) for just £17.50.

As well as the amazing discounts on offer on the Boden site this weekend, members of Shopper Discounts and Rewards can claim an additional 10% cashback on their purchases.

Retail Review: | How about for Mother’s Day?

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BHS Joins The Food Fight – Undercutting Supermarkets By 10%

British Home Stores to Challenge the Big Four Supermarkets with BHS Food

Shopper Discounts & Rewards looks at BHS foodBHS food launched to undercut supermarket rivals - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Department store chain BHS has announced this week that it is to pilot a food selling scheme, starting with its stores in Staines and Warrington. This could spell out some stiff competition for other supermarkets, as BHS has vowed that its produce will be up to 10% cheaper than the “big four” – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison’s.

BHS Food Stores launching soon - the Shopper Discounts and Rewards blogBHS food store comes to Staines

The first food store will open this week in Staines, closely followed by Warrington at the beginning of April, selling branded foods including bread, cakes, fizzy drinks and some frozen items. struggling to recover BHS has actually been facing a fair amount of difficulty in recent years – making losses and struggling against rivals such as Debenhams and Marks & Spencer. Its move into competitive food retailing, is therefore arguably, a bold one.

BHS takes on the big four

By taking on the big four with competitive pricing, BHS could be set to change the supermarket landscape. And of course, Sir Phillip Green’s big objective is to turn around the fortunes of the company, which posted a pre-tax loss of £71 million last year. how does the future look? With a view to the future, if everything goes well, the plan is for around 10 of large BHS stores to be dedicated solely to food halls. And although certain industry analysts are sceptical about the extent to which BHS could impact the market alone, there is potential for other big players to enter into deals with Sir Phillip in order to join forces in the price fight. Do you think BHS could put up a fight against the other big supermarkets? Is price the most important factor for you when shopping for food?

BHS on YouTube

Ok so they are yet to produce a video about BHS Food, but they have posted this fun video to launch their lighting sale event:

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Retail News: what are the biggest online brands in 2014?

Which big brand retailers will dominate the online market this year?Biggest Online Brands for 2014 - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Shopper Discounts & Rewards looks at the big players

The world of eCommerce can be a difficult market, but there are some retailers who are doing a great job at making our shopping experiences easy. Here’s just a few of them!

Argos is great for click-and-collectArgos impressive ecommerce site - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Argos reports that nearly 50% of all their sales are now online, and this is no surprise with its “click & reserve” option becoming so popular. Argos has a mobile-compatible, easy to use website, making it one of our top picks for shopping on the move. The flexibility offered by its “click & reserve option” is another great benefit.

Burberry has fantastic online design

Burberry 2014 - a leading ecommerce site - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

Burberry offers one of the best eCommerce sites out there, and reported big rises in revenue in 2013. Net-a-Porter, the high-end online store, led the way by offering luxury goods online, but Burberry has taken it one step further by providing their customers with “click-and-collect”. Burberry experienced increased usage of this service in December 2013, and Burberry’s digital offering is now more successful than ever.

Amazon is always good for a bargain

Amazon and youre done - ecommerce site - Shopper Discounts and RewardsOne of the first success stories in the world of online shopping, Amazon started by offering us books, CDs and DVDs at reduced prices and with a number of delivery options, it transformed the retail market. This continued to be the case last Christmas, with Amazon starting its sales before Christmas. Offering up to 40% discount in the week before Christmas is nearly unheard of, as this is typically the strongest retail week of the year. However, Amazon won the hearts of Christmas shoppers everywhere!

Tesco leads the way in online food shopping

Leading the way in online food shopping, Tesco‘s eCommerce site may offer products that would be sold-out in store. Tesco’s online sales rose by 14% in 2013, and as they plan to open more dark stores, their offering will become more impressive and efficient. Tesco has fun features on the website too, including ‘Cooking with Kids’ (click on image).Tesco ecommerce site has variety - Shopper Discounts and Rewards

What is your favourite online store? Which online destination do you most enjoy visiting? Let the Shopper Discounts & Rewards team know by commenting below.

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